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Welcome to

Stepping Stones Preschool

Jacksonville, Florida

"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6

Our Approach

As Kids Develop, So Does Our Strategy

A child’s first five years sets the course for their whole life. So many important developmental milestones are set before elementary school begins, and it is crucial to build a healthy foundation in that constant change.

At Stepping Stones, we have a long history of nurturing the physical, social, moral and intellectual development of our children.  We want to partner with parents in a holistic approach to the growth of every child who comes through our doors so that they are ready to enter life beyond preschool ready for the challenges and opportunities that come.

We Love and Teach Love

We believe the most powerful act a human can have in this life is to truly love – to love God, and to love others. Experiencing love and sharing love by embracing the uniqueness of their friends in the diversity of the world is essential for our children in their social and emotional development.

At Stepping Stones, we have a long history of nurturing and caring for our students. Our staff strives to create a environment that models and encourages the love of each child’s unique self-expression as they grow, and we believe no one does this better than our team of teachers.

Discovering a God Who Loves Us

A.W. Tozer once said, “what comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”  And children begin developing a picture of who God is the moment they become aware of Him.

At Stepping Stones, we want to contribute to and nurture the start of a lifelong relationship with our Creator God. We use Bible stories interwoven in our curriculum at appropriate moments, and have chapel every week to reinforce the truths that God made us, God loves us, and that Jesus wants to be our friend forever. The chapel curriculum also compliments the Sunday and Wednesday Bible Class curriculum of the San Jose Church of Christ.

The Best Education for the Best Kids

In elementary school, a child must be prepared to adjust and thrive in an ever-developing educational and social environment, filled with a variety of school experiences and cultural activities. Equipping a child for success in school starts years before they have their first day of kindergarten.

At Stepping Stones, our children are engaged daily through age-appropriate creative arts, outdoor play, dramatic play, math, science, phonics, language, and reading readiness. Our curriculum blends a variety of educational and teacher-created resources, including the Bible-based Weekday Early Education program (Wee Learn), Handwriting Without Tears, early childhood software and manipulatives, as well as weekly music, computer, and chapel time. We strive to give each child the optimal educational experience in these early years in a supportive and safe atmosphere.

What Parents Think

"My experience thus far has been absolutely amazing. My son is very shy. Thanks to the consistent encouragement from his teachers, he has truly come to life this year and now happily plays with the other kids. I am so excited for my daughter to start at Stepping Stones. If you are looking for caring, God-centered environment to send your son or daughter, look no further than Stepping Stones."


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